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“Meadusa. Homo unfrec” (Chalavek is unboddy)

2800 BYN
With frame
size: 0x0x0 cm
Materials: Bronze, cast, granite
Kind: Sculpture
The height is 74 cm. The era of dehumanization carries not only negative traits, but it is also a reinvention of human beings. There is a lot of what is in humans in jellyfish nature, but it's not pleasant to us. Man is inert, and often hopelessly involved in the cycle of history, as a jellyfish he has little to contrast the forces around him, the jellyfish can do nothing about the instrument that takes it out on shore, and certainly on the banks of a jellyfish can do nothing about gravity, completely immobilizing it in not its usual environment. It's very similar to how we ourselves make our habitat impossible for normal life, how to fill it with intolerance, ignorance and prejudice.

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