Angel Revelation

330 BYN

Without frame
size: 40x30x0 cm
Materials: Canvas, acrylic, textural paste, patal
Kind: Painting
Genre: Картина
Tags: ангел, картина акрилом, акрил, ночь, море, луна, растущаялуна, паталь, крылья, ангел с крыльями, крылья ангела, angel, авторская работа
Author's work that calls for an appeal to the inner light. Deep and secret meaning, the embodiment of gratitude and love. The light of the growing Moon is reflected in the sea tide, which is directed to the attention of Angel, who is a central and voluminous figure in a painting made using textural paste. Angel's wings are covered in silver patella, and the Moon and its reflection are gold.


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330 BYN

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