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Based on K. Chukovsky

1200 BYN
Without frame
Signature on the front
size: 70x100x1 cm
Materials: Oil, acrylic, mixed technique
Kind: Painting
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: 990
Based on K. Chukovsky Part Two That's what Cockroach became by the winner, And forests and fields overlord. Conquer the beasts to the mustatom. (So he could fail, to the damned!) And he's going between them, Gilded belly stroked: “Bring me, beasts, your kids I have them at dinner tonight skimp!” Poor, poor beasts! Howling, sobbing, roaring! In every berlog And every cave The evil glutton is being swarmed. Yes and what a mother Will agree to give away Your dear child - Bear, wolf, elephant, - To an unsatiated effigy Poor crumb tormented! They cry, they are killed, With toddlers forever are being forgiven. But one day morning I used to bounce a kangaroo, Uvidala barbel, Shouted hot: “Is it a giant? (Ha ha ha!) It's just a cockroach! (Ha ha ha!) Cockroach, cockroach, cockroach, Liquid Bukasych. And no shame on you? Don't hurt you? You are toothy, You are fangy, And the smelt Bow, And kozyavocke Conquer!” Scared hippos, Whispered, “What are you, what are you! You're out of here! No matter what we're hooda!” Only suddenly because of the bush, Because of the blue lumber, From the far out of the fields Sparrow arrives. Jump da jump Yes chick teeeeek, Chiki-riki-chick-teeeel Took and pecked Cockroach, There's no giant. The great great got out, And the mustache was not left of it.

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1200 BYN

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