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2368 BYN
Without frame
size: 100x80x4 cm
Materials: Acrylic on stretcher on canvas
Kind: Painting
Style: Abstract art
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: постграффити, стрит-арт, граффити
“Secrets” is one of the artist's favorite works of the last few years, where he tried to reveal the meaning of the work in every detail. The concealing understatement can be seen everywhere: in the central spot of the composition, which is represented by the word “Secrets”, partially covered by a dark screen, and in the slightly opened door just below the center paintings, and of course in an unfinished lamp on a red background, personifying secret meetings and meetings, but also a kind of privacy. The painting is made in the post-graffiti style, which is based on the image of letters, words and phrases in the author's style.

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