450 BYN

Without frame
Signature on the front
Signature on the back
size: 50x30x2 cm
Materials: Oil, lacquer on canvas
Kind: Painting
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Portrait
Tags: инопланетянин, нло, другие миры
I suppose that a sentient supercivilization may not manifest itself in our earthly affairs in any way because it is too immersed in its own thoughts. There are many mysteries in the universe that deserve in-depth reflection, and the longer a civilization develops, the stronger it wants to think quietly about these mysteries. Overmind is not to face celebrating a fuss like subduing galaxies... To notice the presence of the supermind, you need to first understand what it is and what it might look like, which in itself is not an easy cognitive task...


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450 BYN

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