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Top Defense No.2

Without frame
Signature on the back
size: 23x23x1 cm
Materials: Plywood, acrylic, varnish
Kind: Painting
Style: Abstract art
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: высшие силы, удача, руны
The painting uses the Algiz rune, which provides the possibility of gaining supreme protection and clues. Ensements of patronage are often invisible but highly influential forces. Helps to choose the right path. He deals with subconscious problems, intuition, sends dreams. Clears the way - at any level. Prompts the best ways to grow in self-development, business, etc. It takes people out of your life who can hurt you, get out of the right way. Over time, you can feel like someone is leading and guarding you through life. A rune of happiness and good luck! The runes represent one of the most powerful systems of the ancient world. The runes are “encrypted” knowledge of the world's ruling laws, and knowledge of this covers all areas of life. Each rune is the name and sign of one of the fundamental forces of the world building. They have a strong energy potential. These signs can influence a person's fate, adjust the present, and you can gain valuable knowledge, clues in any case, emotional, energy support, and more.

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