Khlopov Kirill

Studied at Minsk State Art College named after A.K. Glebov under the tutelage of such artists as A. Blizniuk, N. Zaloznaya, I. Tishin. Since 1988 he took an active part in arts events in Minsk: «Formation .. performance (23.02.1988, Minsk, Minsk State Art College park), •Boris Godunov» opera (1 0.02.1988, Minsk State Art College stage), •Initiation» happening (1 0.1 0.1989, Minsk State Art College), «We Are Going To Uverpool» performance (08.12.1989, Belarus State University of lnfonnatics and Radioelectronics stage, Minsk), •Photostudio» happening (30.03.1990, Minsk State Art College park), •Barocco» performance (20.04.1990, Moskovskaya street), •Project» happening (09.05.1990, Minsk sea), «The Dutch Architect» performance (28.06.1991, Minsk State Art College), •Kites» happening (03.07.1991, Minsk State Art College), •The Discovery of America.. performance (01.12.1992, Palace of Arts). He participated in exhibitions of infonnal arts, among them •Riding a White Horse» (1989, Minsk State Art College), «Applied Kinetics» (1990, Minsk State Art College), •Wicked Arts Classes» (1992, Palace of Arts), The Republican Exhibition of Non-official Arts (1993, The Sixth Une Gallery), «Uebschalt» (1994, Palace of Arts), «The House of Friendship with Foreign Nations» (1995, Belarusian Society of Friendship with Foreign Countries). His works can be found in private collections in Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzer1and, France, the USA, China (Hong Kong). As well he works in the area of graphic design and interior design. The artist lives and works in Minsk.

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