Астер Виктор

Victor Aster is a contemporary Belarusian artist, creating abstract artworks in the author’s assemblage technique called `aster neoteric artefact`. Artist mixes a wide variety of industrial palette for self-expression: electronic waste, synthetic paint, impregnated fabric, rubber, metals, wood and other materials. Victor creates unique compositions based on the wreckage of civilization.

The author talks about his work: “For me, art is not only a way of expression but also a specific artefact, which is a concentrated symbol of the era in which I live. I am inspired by the idea that the art objects that I created will tell people the history of our civilization. I use electronic waste, as this material most vividly reflects modern reality saturated with micro-chips. I am a person who creates objects from materials created by a robot. I ultimately transform e-waste into fine art.


I was born in 1984 in Belarus


2004 – Collage of Arts A.K.Glebowa – diploma: artist-sculptor, teacher

2010 – State Academy of Arts – diploma: master of arts and design


started from 2011 – International Union of Designers (currently)


2001/05 – Fundacja Krzyzowa, serie of workshops, Wroclaw, Poland

2006 – Eberhard Katschke, stone sculpture plein air, Erlangen, Germany

2007 – Fiesta de Arte – Kunstkreis Tennenlohe, plein air, Nuremberg, Germany

2014 – Lichtart – exhibition – Belarussian Union of Designers, Minsk

2014 – Sport Art exhibition – Belarussian Union of Artists, Minsk

2014 – Avant-gArte – participant, publication in the catalog, Minsk

2014 – Transforma, project exhibition, Center of Modern Art, CSI Minsk

2016 – Art Islands, open air exhibition, Center of Modern Art, CSI Minsk

2019 – Art Fair “Vosenski Salon”, supported by Belgazprom Bank

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