About us

About us


Artcenter.by is the largest online marketplace of fine art and design in Belarus that uses modern and efficient technologies for e-commerce and providing services. The catalogue of Artcenter.by includes more than 18,000 works of art and is constantly updated, which makes it possible to choose a worthy option for both a professional collector and a novice art connoisseur.

On our platform you’ll definitely find a painting or sculpture that will be the perfect gift for a colleague or leader, a wonderful decoration for your office or the first step in creating a corporate or private collection. Artcenter.by will allow you to quickly select the work of art, service or related product based on your budget, purpose of purchase, colour scheme or a mix of demands.

As a partner of the largest institutions and the most significant exhibition projects in Belarus such as the Autumn Salon and Art-Minsk, Artcenter.by has a wide base of experts and is ready to prepare for you a special unique offer that will best meet your requirements.

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