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Selling art through the Artcenter online platform offers many advantages over traditional purchase of artworks:

  • Wide coverage of the target audience.Our site is visited by true lovers of fine art who are directly interested in purchasing artworks, and therefore the chances of authors to make a successful sale increase significantly.
  • Saving time.Artcenter spares artists from direct transferring of their works for sale. All that is required is to photograph your works, go through a simple registration procedure on the site and after moderation to display them for visitors.
  • Rational spending of funds.Our online platform does not charge an artist for posting his artwork. Moreover, the site does not limit the number of artworks posted by an artist.
  • Arranging and carrying out the sale.The online gallery negotiates the details of the artwork sale through a sales specialist. The author, whose work was ordered, only has to deliver the work to our office and receive payment for it after the sale is signed.
  • Guaranteed financial security for the site user. We ensure that the funds received from selling your work will be paid to you in a timely manner by a convenient payment method.