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Abyssinian cat

750 BYN
Without frame
Signature on the back
size: 48x61 см
Materials: Dry pastel, paper
Kind: Graphics
Style: Realism
Genre: Animalistika
Tags: рыжик кот, зеленые глаза, red cat, пушистое животное, кошачий хвост
The first representatives of the Abyssinian cat appeared in Egypt. Images of these animals can be found on the tombs of pharaohs. There are also mentions of Abyssinian cats in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. There these animals are referred to as “sun cats”, which very accurately describes the exterior of the breed. And the character of this cat the Egyptians attributed to their goddess of fun Bastet. So I wanted to draw this sun cat. From the picture, she looks at us into the floor of the turnover. Mysterious and clever gaze beckons us after itself. She mute resembles ancient Egyptian artifacts, it seems as if her piercing gaze can recite your thoughts. Playful ponytail wags and waits for another game with his owner. The painting is very interesting conveyed the coat of the cat. The texture of pastel chalk touching the paper leaves its original color, which helps us to convey elastic and thick wool. The intricate background combines several shades advantageously emphasizes the warm color of our heroine.


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750 BYN

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