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size: 150x100 см
Materials: Acrylic canvas
Kind: Painting
Style: Expressionism
Genre: Portrait
Complex, man-made, post-industrial and urbanized 21st century. Most a hearty time for humanity, and the most difficult time for a person alone. Time loneliness in life, depression and unresolved psychological problems in a huge number of people. The little man with his feelings and emotions is at the centre of the artist's work. Work Core Tattles - capture and reflect a person's psychoemotional state from inside onto the canvas. The author's artistic thinking is decorative, it is driven by his childhood, his background and education. Decorativeness is by no means interfering, but contributes to accurate emotional to the characteristics of the one depicted. The perfection of the result is achieved by the virtuosity of the most extraordinary tone nuances. Classical Academic School Fundamentality (Belarusian State Academy of Arts, 2014) are superimposed on a purely individual decorative flair. This unity of the two started allows the artist to achieve and expressive psychological images and the compelling saturation of the light air atmosphere, and color harmony, and the general emotionality of the works. The artist is interested in psychology and scientific knowledge of the brain and thinking, and in its work visual imagery closely links to emotions, state of mind. “When I'm in the creative process, my consciousness goes back to the second plan and lets the subconscious speak, shout, get outside, zero in on their experiences. Me interesting man with his complex psyche and fine soulful organization, ability brain, and in the rhythm of modern life, the mental balance becomes more difficult to hold. I hope my work will help someone better understand and accept themselves, their essence, will respond in douche. For me, it's an endless niche for knowing and expressing in creativity”

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