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Infinite 123

74.61 USD

With frame
size: 90x30x2 cm
Materials: Stretch canvas, acrylic, textural paste, protective acrylic varnish, gold acrylic paint
Kind: Painting
Genre: Interior
Tags: космос, бесконечность, звездное небо, созвездия, галактики, оригинал, авторская работа, купить картину в минске, подарок к новоселью
Where is there among endless constellations and galaxies our heavenly home, and maybe that's why we look so often with great sadness into the night sky... I would really like you to look at this abstract infinity, could touch the eternity of being and smile, remembering something very innermost and infinite that is kept deep in your heart. All three paintings look great both together and individually, they can also be rotated in any direction, creating their spaces and worlds... The work does not need a frame, created in the only instance. Author signature on the back.

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