Absolutely flickering/Naturally twinkling

11570 BYN

Without frame
Signature on the front
size: 240x310x5 cm
Materials: Oil on canvas, cylinders
Kind: Painting
Genre: Abstraction
“Absolutely Twinkling”/“Naturally twinkling”, 2020 Diptych 200*150, 240*155 “The transfiguration emanating from Paradise permeates with its rays all the earthly reality.” Hans Zedlmayr's “Secularization of Hell” The diptych is not easy: it is a wake-up enhancer for the viewer. In the original nature, man is already a knowledgeable creature. But often we begin to be defined by the squalid chaos of our lives, which is the disguise, camouflage that our fussy thoughts highlight to hide our inner Eden. There can be no single meaning of life for all humans, there is no universal recipe for how to freeze in our universe. Therefore, each person fills his life with his own meaning. In trying to find himself, one forgets to ask a question to the hero who knows the most about him - himself. We all rush to tomorrow, to a better life, looking for salvation, enlightenment, meaning of life, but all the sages, prophets and saints repeat once after time: “Stop. We're already in place. Everything is inside.” And at this moment, at the dawn of our new self, we become what we really were conceived. The size of the works completely captures the view of the beholder in order to immerse himself in the picture It is, sort of, a meditation about life and about yourself. The idea that living things are overborn by continuously climbing stairs is like a carrot fixed in front of a donkey's nose, encouraging to behave well in this life. It's a source whispering: “Sansara - and there is nirvana.” The color scheme is full of deep calm cold tones, helping to achieve its combination of harmony and balance. Thus insinuating that the question of the meaning of life is ridiculous. If our lives had an accessible key to simple linear understanding, then it wouldn't be worth it. Life is certainly greater than our attempts to imprison primitive human logic. It should be taken the way it is: as an endlessly exciting and beautiful process necessary for all the participants, which each of us is.


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