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Grandfather. Nov

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size: 30x25 см
Materials: Цинк, офортная бумага, офортная краска
Kind: Graphics
Style: Symbolism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: осень, ноябрь, деды, праздник, символ, традиции, обряды, песни, дерево, лист, трапеза, предки, город, пейзаж, природа
Серыя з 13 каляровых афортаў зробленых па традыцыйных каляндарных беларускіх песьнях. Да кожнага месяцу была падабрана песьня, найбольш поўна адлюстроўваючая яго вобраз. Calendar on Belarusian songs. To each month was picked up the song, the most reflecting his character, to the songs I made 12 color etchings and layout.

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