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52 USD
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size: 40x30x2 cm
Materials: Canvas on a stretcher, acrylic, lacquer
Kind: Painting
Style: Symbolism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: женское счастье
The painting depicts the symbol of the Goddess Divia. Divia is the Slavic Goddess of the Moon and Bright Night, the mother of all living things, the daughter of Rod, the Creator of the Universe. Divia was created so that people in the dark of night could see light in darkness, a symbol of delusion and illusion. Divya has always been seen as a symbol of well-being, fertility, wealth, it is able to heal people from diseases and ailments, reduces pain during childbirth, gives the development of magical abilities, intuition and creative talents, and brings love and strong family relationships! It brings its owner REAL FEMALE HAPPINESS!

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52 USD

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