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Two roads

Without frame
Signature on the front
Signature on the back
size: 60x90x2 cm
Materials: Canvas, acrylic, varnish
Kind: Painting
Style: Surrealism
Genre: Landscape
Tags: орел, пустыня, философия о жизни, жизненный выбор, психология жизни, законы жизни
There are two beginnings in each person: good and evil, light and darkness. Every day we do acts, making choices, awakening one side or the other of our soul. We choose our own life path. The bright side is a blooming road. The dark side is withered trees. Eye - you can't keep anything from the universe. Every act is seen. * Author's work. * The picture is created in a single instance, so it is unique. * The picture does not need a frame because the ends are designed as a continuation of the image. Stones and clocks- time to spread stones, time to collect stones. Keys are signs, clues from the universe.

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