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5255 USD
Rent possible 1 week / 122 USD
Without frame
Signature on the front
Signature on the back
size: 110x150x2 cm
Materials: Holst, oil
Kind: Painting
Style: Abstract art
Genre: Landscape
Tags: живопись, абстракция , современное искусство , сумарева, sumarava
In this oil painting, I embraced the abstract to capture the essence of energy and change. The dynamic strokes symbolize life's perpetual motion, while the contrasting hues reflect the intertwined dance of chaos and harmony. Splashes of gold and bold lines offer a glimpse of order within the storm, embodying the human spirit's resilience. My creation aims to evoke an emotional journey, inviting contemplation on the beauty of transformation, and it will infuse any space with its vibrant, thought-provoking presence.

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