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Puzzle “Panelka”

404 USD
ArtCenter recommends
Without frame
size: 30x30x2 cm
Materials: Acrylic on wood
Kind: Applied arts
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: инсталляция, архитектура, панелька, панельные дома, панельки
60-80 years — the time in which it was built most of the panel buildings. Soviet architects had a set of elements from which they were “assembled” home: wall panels and specific windows dimensions, stairs, floors, even decorative concrete panels (fence) balconies, entrances to the entrances). Architects were limited not only by technical requirements, but also the choice of architectural the appearance of the building. Designing for an architect had to solve a problem like the one what is presented in the installation. Thus thus, the buildings were created folded from the same elements but in different combi

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