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“Heads on the Web” installation (2 art objects 20*20 and 15*15)

607 USD
ArtCenter recommends
Without frame
size: 20x20x3 cm
Materials: Canvas, frame, spray enamel, decorative elements, computer parts, washcloth, magazine clippings
Kind: Installation
Style: Symbolism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: онлайн, рука, голова, сеть, завтрак, арт-объект, гаджеты, технологии, зависимость, кровать, ванна, туалет, миниатюра
The “Heads on the Web” series of art objects is the embodiment of modern dependence on technology. In voluminous installations, created using mesh, computer parts, and plastic heads and arms, the artist explores our immersion in the world of gadgets and digital devices. Each of the art objects depicts a human head surrounded by a grid and computer internals. This symbolically reflects our constant connection to the Internet and the virtual world. The artist explores the topic of addiction, emphasizing that we are constantly connected - even while sleeping, eating

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