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City Stories

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Without frame
Signature on the front
Signature on the back
size: 110x90x2 cm
Materials: Canvas on a stretcher, acrylic
Kind: Painting
Style: Abstract art
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: город, абстракция город, синяя абстракция, архитектурная абстракция
I filled this canvas with my thoughts, creating a symphony of color, texture, and abstract expression. Imagination can take us to feeling fresh on city streets after last rain, and the bold palette reflects the unbridled colors of the soul. Every brushstroke is an emotion, and abstract shapes invite you to find your own meanings. This work is not just art; it is a conversation, a living energy that can add intrigue and inspiration to any space it finds itself in. The painting does not require a frame; the image goes to the sides of the canvas. Fully ready to be hung.

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