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Illustration by a Seagull named Jonathan Livingston

44 USD
ArtCenter recommends
With frame
size: 35x25 см
Materials: A4 sheet, black liner, marker
Kind: Graphics
Style: Primitivism
Genre: Mythologic
Tags: чайка, птица, животные, литература
Hi! If you're a bookworm and you're ready to go bookends, no doubt when you read, you're presenting those images according to the protagonists' descriptions on the razzling pages of an old book, and behold, suddenly they pop up in front of your eyes. This work fits perfectly into the interior of a person who goes down the same road with reading and even those who are far from this book but close to art. 'You don't have to fight to live the way you want to. Live the way you want, and pay the asking price for it, whatever it is.” (s.) Richard Bach. “A Seagull Named Jonathan Livingston” p.s.: The work is in the exhibition “Black by White” at the Children's Art School. Baranovichi

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