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Imperative #2

1387 USD
ArtCenter recommends
With frame
Signature on the front
size: 133x100x3 cm
Materials: Acrylic canvas
Kind: Painting
Style: Abstract art
Genre: Contemporary
Epic events take place in 2020. There are physical and mental health checks not only for individual citizens, but entire political systems. Truth and deception, populism and wisdom become principles of “natural selection” of entire nations, religious associations, political systems and styles of government. The idea of the picture was born at the moment of Covid's peak in Italy, when the world finally realized that this trouble would not go around anyone. I remembered Montaigne and his idea that we could understand whether we lived our lives well only in her last moment. Your country may not be ready to save you, but you can be surrounded by kindness and sympathy. And you can die in a country of “winning medicine” where you sick are treated as a problem and the same, you might just not exist statistically. Thinking of the most important value of European civilization, the humanism thought of by the ancient Greeks, I tried to understand what prevents my nation from considering every human life as a reference point for development. My children helped with the awareness process, with advice and their drawings... And so how many people in my country have Moral Law? April-May 2020

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