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Is the future perfect?

334 USD
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Without frame
size: 50x40x1 cm
Materials: Mixed media collage on canvas
Kind: Applied arts
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: искусственный интеллект, технологии, серебро, медь, глаз, красный глаз, коллаж, mixed media, роза
Work from the series “Artificial Intelligence. Why?” Our Earth is not perfect. Everything on it gets old, rusts, dries up and eventually dies. Will artificial intelligence be able to stop this natural process in the future by creating something perfect and immune to death? Artist Palirina depicted the present on the left side of the work and the future on the right, contrasting the aging of all forms on our planet with a possible future with its perfection, where even flowers will metallic and will never fade. But the question remains: Is the future perfect?

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