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The installation “Artificial Intelligence. Why?”

5995 USD
Without frame
size: 120x200x15 cm
Materials: Mixed media
Kind: Installation
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: искусственный интеллект, технологии, нейросети, генеративный арт, midjourney, chatgpt, генеративный текст, генеративная музыка, коллаж, видео-арт, коллажное искусство
13 collages+5 art objects+ 4 video art+generative art+generative text+generative music. Artificial intelligence technologies are being introduced into all areas of our lives. But can we say unequivocally that they are only beneficial? Can artificial intelligence turn against humanity in the future? Artist Palirina explores the negative aspects of the total spread of artificial intelligence. She visualizes her fears, drawing inspiration from the ideas and aesthetics of science fiction films. Palirina adheres to environmental principles and is an upcycling creator.

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