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45 USD
With frame
size: 40x30x0 cm
Materials: Watercolor, paper, sauce
Kind: Painting
Genre: Animalistika
Tags: казуар, акварельная живопись, акварель, птица, анималистика, животные, экология
Casuar is a real “bad guy” among birds. The most dangerous birds on Earth, which are 1.5-2 metres tall and weighing about 60, do not fly, but run at speeds of up to 50 km/h and with one stroke their powerful claws with dagger claws can kill a disturbed person. At the same time, casuars are indispensable in preserving Australia's rain forests — carrying the seeds of 238 plant species. 2 species of these beautiful birds — the helmeous casoir and the Orange-necked casuar — are now in danger of extinction.

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45 USD

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