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Without frame
Signature on the front
size: 60x50x1.5 cm
Materials: Oil on canvas
Kind: Painting
Genre: Landscape
Tags: сюрреализм, символизм, пейзаж с горами
“Conflicts” close-up and one common:) So, first of all, the picture is divided into 3 parts: the left is the past, the center is the present, and the right is the future. On the left: a powerful, clearly prescribed mountain and right at its foot two sailings in different directions. This means no understanding in partnership in the past that it essentially was, and it is this fact that allows grief to be so clear in the picture. There is a reflection of the mountain in the This confirms that it exists:) Inside between the cliffs the boat, modest such and the pier is small. It's all very modest. Apparently I was referring to my fin state and modesty of intent). Center: written in blue pink and white paint (a hint of romanticization and staying in dreams), with balloons (they denote aspirations), birds (there are two of them and they fly the other way from aspirations, which denotes the conflict of creative and partner life, that is, family). A ship going from the past to the future is probably me). Right: the future, which is in the form of a mountain that has floating and fuzzy borders. It's like a desert mirage - shimmering and uncertain from an owl altogether. The mountain aims to be a mountain. The mountain resembles a flame if you look... The foot has grass and pretty light paint - which suggests that when the ship docks, light events await it. If in this grass he can dock at all)). The mountain has no reflection in the water, which suggests that there is no future:) There is only my idea of the future and the feeling of what it will become. And in the future, the foot in the right side has a sailboat shot, I think my subconscious tells me something that I can't interpret yet:) Next, the picture can be considered as follows: divide into three parts by the igrec:) At the top the plans and mountains have no limit, in the middle the path and the movement on it is often conflicted and nervous, and at the bottom of the peripetia, incomprehension in life, doubt and expressed by this course without direction, and even more precisely in several directions. Kind of toward the future (to the right side of the picture), and then sharply down to the viewer as if a waterfall... If you move away, you can spot the figure of man created by the mountains.


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900 BYN

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