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size: 46x1 см
Materials: Bronze, cast, steel
Kind: Sculpture
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
The height is 46 cm. The work “Ark” is a horizontally arranged human figure with a strongly curved back and a hypertrophied thorax. Horizontal outgrowth (ribs\ hands\ tentacles) attempt to embrace and protect the inner cavity by developing the idea of self-preservation. The “live” texture at the bottom of a bloated breast shape pushes into associations with the bubbling cauldron, embodying a variety of natural processes. The title of the sculpture, “The Ark,” by my design, should refer the viewer to a biblical plot about the universal flood and the Old Testament Noah's Ark. Developing this plot, I came to a combined image involving elements of the human body and ship. Such a plastic decision — the man's ark — indicates that man himself (and everyone alone, and all of humanity as a whole) must take responsibility not only for preserving his integrity, but also for preserving life on the planet. I take my work as a sketch of a larger work.

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