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Lunches and daisies

53 USD
Without frame
Signature on the front
size: 30x24x1 cm
Materials: Cardboard, oil
Kind: Painting
Style: Impressionism
Genre: Still-life
Tags: натюрморт с цветами, цветы, сиреневый, ландыши, светлая картина, маргаритки, тени, импрессионизм
I used to feel really about flowers. For a long time. Until I began to draw. I loved to inhale their fragrance, give them and receive them as a gift, decorate the house. And that was not just the case with flowers. I walked past sunsets, dawns, dripping on windows of cars, solar silters on lakes, apple orchards, huts in paintings by Gustave Courbet and in villages in Belarus and Spain. I walked by without any afterthought to portray them. And that one day she came, that thought. Spontaneous, incidently. On one romantic night in her favorite city, she flew into the window of a car with rain drops on the glass.

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