life-giving hands

128 BYN

Without frame
size: 30x30x1 cm
Materials: Oil on canvas, thinner, brushes, dammar varnish
Kind: Painting
Genre: Картина
Tags: масло, масляная живопись, искусство, картинамаслом
and when don't hang the painting near the stove, oven, stove — it will be very difficult to launder the painting from the coopoti. Tobacco smoke also causes copoti to settle. Don't hang the picture under direct sunlight. The varnish, of course, protects the paint, but in the direct sun it will still start burnt-out. It is better to hang the painting at an angle against the wall — so the main dust will settle on the frame and the hander rather than on the canvas. Make sure the nail on which the painting hangs doesn't touch the back of the canvas. Don't hang the picture close to the heating applier or air conditioner. From constant exposure to high temperature and draft, the paint can begin to crack. Do not touch layers of paint with your bare hands. Do not place closer than a meter from the picture of an incandescent lamp with 100 watts and higher and fluorescent from 20 watts. Remove light dust from the front side of the paintings with a clean pad or mitt made of velvet or flannel, a material that incorporates dust.


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128 BYN

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