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Oscar Niemeyer lines

825 USD
Rent possible 1 week / 12 USD
Without frame
Signature on the front
Signature on the back
size: 110x150 см
Materials: Acrylic on canvas
Kind: Painting
Style: Minimalism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: архитектура, минимализм , серый , бразилия, девушка, сон, конструктивизм
Created as part of the “Date with Brazil” project (Minsk, Palace of Arts, March 2023) “I am not attracted to a right angle, nor to a straight, rigid, rigid line created by man. A freely curved and sensual line beckons me. That line that reminds me of the mountains of my country, the bizarre curves of the rivers, the high clouds, the body of the woman I love.” - Oscar Niemeyer The woman in the painting sleeping on one of the curved surfaces is my repeated drawing of the architect's hand. It seems to me that this feminine image is the embodiment of Brazil itself, with its natural lines that inspired the creator.

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