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Without frame
size: 42x60 см
Materials: Primed cardboard, professional acrylic paints, matte varnish
Kind: Painting
Style: Abstract art
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: абстрактная картина, абстракция, современная абстрактная живопись, картина для дома, картина в подарок на холсте, миньоны, мультфильмы
My name is Anabel Bondarovich. I'm a painter and I write paintings in the style of abstractionism I draw inspiration from book illustrations, magazines and cartoons, and then I convey all my impressions on canvas. Each new job is my own story, which I come up with on the go and try to share it with those around me. This diptych picture is inspired by the animated film Minions. This is what the abundance of yellow on canvas is associated with. At the same time, the work turned out as bright but slightly bleak, as did the cartoon atmosphere itself.

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