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Money Conversation/Talking with Money

138 USD
Without frame
size: 50x100x2 cm
Materials: Canvas on stretcher, acrylic paint, poster printing
Kind: Painting
Style: Pop art
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: деньги, доллар, розовый, юмор
The picture conveys a heavy idea of money in an easy and playful way. “i am a piece of paper and i control your entire life” -"I'm a scrap of paper and I control your whole life.” As mad as we are at the materiality of being, we cannot deny its existence and that the whole world is subject to a soulless piece of paper weighing 1 gram. We're all in the game. When there is a lot of money, we do not feel its significance and we will maul it to the right and left, but in the event of our defeat, we will glue the last bill to close the accounts.

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138 USD

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