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Without frame
Signature on the front
size: 40x40x2 cm
Materials: Canvas, acrylic, textural paste, gold acrylic paint, gold pot, protective acrylic varnish
Kind: Painting
Genre: Landscape
Tags: абстрактный пейзаж, небо, тучи, горизонт, серый, желтый, блики, авторская работа, авторская картина, арт декор, современный интерьер, интерьерная картина, картина в подарок
We're all hoping for something and expecting something, but the result can be spoiled by our fears and doubts. When you consider this picture, only you can choose — soon the sun looks or everyone will tighten clouds and that will be your choice only. Faith is “confidence invisible and fulfillment of the expected.” Rest assured that something amazing and beautiful is expected and it is sure to come true... The picture doesn't need a frame. At the side, the lighting will delight you with a shimmer of gold acrylic paint and indulge. The work is created in a single instance.

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