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Discover Yourself

457 USD
With frame
Signature on the front
size: 15x9x9 cm
Materials: Бронза, дерево, сталь
Kind: Sculpture
Genre: Interior
Tags: гранат, кабинетная скульптура, бронзовая скульптура
“Open Yourself” Under the covered cover, A withered crown rustle, Your mind was taking a crucial word. There was a soul hiding behind him. You're gus in the ecliptic of constellations, Sad under the action of the moon. Running or standing still Confident everyone owed you. Cover roughed, crown spout Circular: hour, day, month, year. Your soul has dreamed, And the mind was declaring ceitnot. Once you got tired of a monologue, Opened himself, got some grain. There were a lot of them in the shower. You took to try one. The grain of ideas has fallen into design. You paired your elements: The soul of what to do told, And the mind developed HOW. I saw myself in a tremulous moment. And the plating is not breathing, On the mind of a harsh pedestal Worth an open shower...

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