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Under cover

1809 USD
ArtCenter recommends
Without frame
size: 123x50 см
Materials: Gesso, oil, mixed media
Kind: Monumental - decorative art
Style: Symbolism
Genre: Animalistika
Tags: живопись в интерьер , пейзаж, сова, живопись, панно
Interacting with an interactive panel, under the bird's wing, we can see a fascinating night view of the Berezina River, one of the longest rivers, whose course is striking in its magnificence. Silvery cirrus clouds cut through the golden silhouette of the moon, illuminating a transparent night that goes into the distance. There is a cozy Derene house not far from the coast. Thus, the work combines the image of a strong bird and an atmosphere of calm, thanks to the watchful protection of an owl. As we go higher, we can open the second leaf of the panel and see the moonlight.

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