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Candlestick “TRINUS” - Invisible Invaders collection

250.28 USD

Rent possible 1 week / 41 USD
Without frame
size: 33x21x21 cm
Materials: Old oak. gfrc concrete. terrazzo-recycled ceramics, porcelain
Kind: Applied arts
Style: Minimalism
Genre: Contemporary
Despite its weight and dimensions, the TRINUS candlestick is like a ballerina frozen in a dance. It seems that there are no laws of gravity for him. Only a feeling of weightlessness, airiness and dissolution in space. An old oak with an exotic pattern (left behind by the “furniture grinder”) evokes history and incredible warmth, while the terrazzo gives us an unusual tactile touch. Two absolutely authentic materials create harmony and emphasize the uniqueness and individuality of each product. Wooden and concrete elements are covered with environmentally friendly finishing materials.

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