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318 USD
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size: 40x60x3 cm
Materials: Print on canvas
Kind: Photography
Style: Realism
Genre: Animalistika
Tags: пинск, полесье, фото, ночь, волшебство, фотопроект, козёл
Photo from the photo project “Night Dogs Barking is a Lullaby”. Kimos have more than two dozen words for snow, and Belarusians have more than 25 words to describe swamps. But only here, in Polesie, you understand firsthand how imshara (moss swamp) differs from alyosa (alder swamp), and morach from balatsvinki. Five centuries ago, the Solominka farm near Pinsk was literally an island in the midst of an off-road quagmire. But in the 60s, the swamps were considered something superfluous in nature. Land reclamation has completely changed this place, and drained swamps have become an environmental problem. The water is gone, leaving behind parched

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318 USD

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