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Shall we meet?

2531 USD
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Without frame
Signature on the front
size: 120x100 см
Materials: Acrylic on canvas, marker
Kind: Painting
Style: Primitivism
Genre: Portrait
The painting “Shall we meet?” is a social experiment of interaction between an artist and his audience. In the summer, on June 10, 2023, every viewer who wanted to become part of art and see the painting was recruited.

Thus, the painting consists of 109 real people who came to it when they painted it for me. Absolutely everyone was able to take part 
from those interested. Throughout July 2023, people from all over Belarus 
and not only that, they sent me photos of themselves, the clothes they wanted to wear 
to be present in the picture, someone even their loved ones, relatives, loved ones and friends.

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