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Radical Subject

364 USD
With frame
size: 91x61x2 cm
Materials: Художественная бумага, акварельные маркеры
Kind: Painting
Genre: Abstraction
Tags: абстракция, современная живопись, минимализм, интерьер
Title: Radical subject Size: 60x90cm Materials: art paper, watercolor markers Paspart frame. Author: Maria Schumer 2019 “A radical subject is a subject that remains himself when the culture of subjectivity completely disappears.” A. Dugin. A radical subject is a person who has subjugated himself the destructive power of postmodern and has become capable of resistance. This is a person whose consciousness has immunity to ideological and information viruses and the postmodern paradigm itself. This is someone who stands up to science-genic insanity and human decomposition. Who retains its original essence amid its total decay. Who remains human, in an age when there is nothing human left in humans. A subject in the world of objects, a personality among the liches, the bearer of freedom in the realm of determinism.

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