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A Tale of Death (“Bedtime Stories” series)

14181 USD
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Without frame
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size: 170x120x2 cm
Materials: Oil on canvas, paper, textile
Kind: Painting
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: портрет, сказки, ночь, коллаж, луна, золото, смерть, богиня, нимб, огонь, женщина, фигура, силуэт
Would you like me to tell you stories - bedtime stories? Once upon a time there was Death. No one loved her. Everyone was afraid of her and cursed her. No one knew that she was doomed to forever be the guardian of a silent soul. She does not just pick them up, but carefully sends them to the other side so that none of them get lost between the worlds. The soul stays in the womb of Death until it feels peace and safety. And, shining with bright light, she becomes ready for a new life!

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