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size: 150x109x6 cm
Materials: Wood, acrylic
Kind: Applied arts
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: панно из дерева, объёмное панно, деревянная картина, давид, современное искусство
The work is done using a mosaic panel of 6324 puzzles. David's image in black, white and shades of gray, with a reference to modern digital camouflage. It is no coincidence that the work chose rich yellow as the background color, based on its psychophysical properties: toning, inspiring self-confidence, symbolizing sunlight, and the desire for freedom. According to the author, David's view, captured in Michelangelo's sculpture, determined to defeat Goliath, is the psychological duel of views or “sturdown” - an integral ritual of modern fighters before the competition.

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