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519 USD
With frame
Signature on the front
size: 106x70x1 cm
Materials: Gouache collage on paper
Kind: Painting
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Historic
Tags: африка, альбинос, танзания, несправедливость
Did you know people are eaten in the 21st century? African albinos are forced to hide all their lives, they can't even buy food during the day. They stick together, it's safer this way. If an albino is born in a family, then the hunt for it begins from the moment it is born. The father often leaves the family. The birth of such a child is a curse. There are cases when a father cuts off his baby's hand himself (for example, an albino hand costs about $2000) or gives it for dismemberment. They are hunted because they believe that a certain part of the body brings good luck and wealth. A style made up by me.

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