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The American Skull

With frame
Signature on the front
size: 120x80x2 cm
Materials: Subframe canvas, acrylic paint, fluorescent acrylic, gold pot, decoupage elements, epoxy
Kind: Painting
Genre: Abstraction
Tags: skull, popart, american, brend, icon, money, merlin monro, playboy, billioner, череп, поп-арт, доллары, иконы стиля, америка, звезды, история, эпоксидная смола, подарок, картина в офис, интерьер
The American Skull $$$$ This picture expresses my view of American history.Style icons, founders of leading companies, presidents and stars.All of them were nobody but became the history of America.I am admired ambition and tenacity, vision of the world of my characters. They are different from the general mass and become legends.They are History. The picture plays in artificial lighting With love Ana .H.

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