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Triptych. Bonsai Consciousness 2. Spiritual (Subconscious)

ArtCentr Grad
1750 USD
ArtCenter recommends
Without frame
size: 30x20x20 cm
Materials: Сварной металл
Kind: Sculpture
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: куб, кубик, кости, кость, фортуна, фарт, крест, пика, замочная скважина, замок, психологический портрет, душа, психика, детство, психология, скрытое, мистика, подсознание
Bonsai is the Japanese art of growing an exact replica of a real tree in miniature. The root system of the tree is limited by the size of the pot, causing the trunk and crown to form in a certain way based on the conditions created. This work is an attempt to think about how the components of human essence (physical and spiritual) interact with the outside world, in what relationships and dependencies consist. As in public life there are rights and responsibilities, so in biological and physical, there are opportunities and consequences. The second part asks the same questions about the subconscious. Factors of influence on the spiritual, its condition and development. Hidden desires, fears are innate and acquired, instincts, unique childhood experiences, real-life images, conditional reflexes, and more.

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