• Cover

“Collegium”. “Exlibris Rimashevsky”

Without frame
Signature on the front
size: 11x11 см
Materials: Etching on paper
Kind: Graphics
Style: Conceptualism
Genre: Contemporary
Anna Tikhonova-Yordanova's Collegium project is a series of ex-libris for artists from different countries. Picturesque motifs from canvases by Alexander Demidov (Exlibris Alexander Demidov), Irina Yasyukayt-Dudareva (Exlibris Iryna Dadarava), Sergei Rimashevsky (Exlibris S.Rimashevsky), Katerina Sumareva (Exlibris Katsiaryna Sumarava) from Belarus are stylistically read in their book signs. Also recognizable graphic dedications for Lembit Lohmus (Estonia), Martin Manojlin (Czech Republic), Valentina Shoba and Adam Hlobus (Belarus).

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