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Flowers in a pot

13 USD
Without frame
size: 40x30x0.2 cm
Materials: Acrylic, cardboard
Kind: Painting
Style: Primitivism
Genre: Still-life
Tags: букет, цветы, букет в вазе, темпера, фиолетовый фон, весенние цветы, рисование пальцами
The painting is painted with fingers and brushes on a cardboard with a density of 1250 g/m. Acrylic art paints. Size 30*40 cm. 0.2cm cardboard thickness. The size and thickness of the cardboard allows the painting to be framed in a standard size frame. In the interior of an apartment or office, the person usually chooses calm shades. After all, we are in the room for a long time and brightly coloured walls can “depress” the psyche. But monotony and monotony also “tire” both vision and mood. A “bright spot” is needed in the interior. And it's not necessarily “Bright spot” in the truest sense of the word, it could be an emotional “bright spot.” Ideal for improved mood is a picture that will make one smile, or awaken associations or memories.. I offer viewer attention the painting “Flowers in a pot”. This job will boost spirits. And at the same time out of - for medium sizes won't “cut” interior solutions.

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