Morning of a new day

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Without frame
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size: 70x50x2 cm
Materials: Butter, oil
Kind: Painting
Style: Realism
Genre: Still-life
Still life “Morning of a New Day” reflects the mood of a new summer day. A cup of morning coffee, favorite book, casually tossed drapery. Birds that live in the garden near the house arrived. The new day is filled with a new life and a new mood. In a visual sense, before me were the following tasks: to create a decorative, even space saturated with bright contrasting colors (in this case yellow, green, blue). The work lacks the traditional rules of perspective and depth specific to academic art. Nevertheless, there is volume in the image of objects, but it does not prevent the perception of the work in a single plane. The work should serve as the visual center of the appropriate interior


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3508 BYN

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