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In search of a large fish

103.22 USD

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Without frame
Signature on the front
Signature on the back
size: 40x50x2 cm
Materials: Oil, canvas on stretcher, protective lacquer
Kind: Painting
Style: Abstract art
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: синий, голубой, аквамарин, река, озеро, море, океан, рыба, большая рыба, лодка, лодочник, странник, путешественник, вода, плавание
Everyone wants to catch “big fish”: to break a large bush, make a discovery, create a masterpiece, get power.. “Big fish” - where are you? It seems like she's so close... Already visible its outlines in the fog of obscurity, you just need to reach out... But no, the course of life takes us a different course. Sail further downstream? - there is a risk not to meet your luck. Sail against the current, spending all your strength to fight? - there is a risk of getting off the distance. Swim downstream, but adjust the course. Live your life to the fullest, but control the situation and remember where you need to sail. And then the goal will surely be achieved!

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