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Without frame
size: 20x20x0.2 cm
Materials: Tempera, cardboard
Kind: Painting
Style: Pop art
Genre: Still-life
Tags: яблоко, красный, фрукты, синий
The painting is painted with maschic and brush on cardboard with a density of 1250 g/m. Tempera art paints. The image is textured. Size 20*20 cm. 0.2cm cardboard thickness. The size and thickness of the cardboard allows the painting to be framed in a standard size frame. In the interior of an apartment or office, the person usually chooses calm shades. After all, we have been indoors for a long time, and for example green or red walls can “crush” or “depress” the psyche. But monotony and monotony also “tire” both vision and mood. I offer the picture “Bullseye” to the viewer's attention. This work will add a bright spot to the interior and boost the mood. And at the same time out of - for small sizes, there will be no “cutting” interior solutions.

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